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SEA safety campaign

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Why replace?

As already stated in the background information for the safety campaign, the risk of an unsafe situation on the roads is adequately resolved by fixing the window panes together using screws. A vehicle owner can not make a legal claim for new windows. The screw fixing only guarantees the safety.

Other adverse risks, such as condensation, flaking paint or contamination for example are not stopped or resolved by this. That is why you may perhaps prefer to replace the windows.

Polyplastic offers you the possibility of having new windows installed at a greatly reduced price of the brochure price. When all windows of a concerned vehicle are replaced than we can offer you an even better price.

Benefits of new windows

  • Improves the vehicle appearance.
  • Removes damage such as scratches..
  • A new guarantee period of two years.
  • Increased part-exchange price for the vehicle.

On the following new window pages you will find more information about replacement windows.